Friday, March 17, 2017


Vague Notes to an Ungathered (& Vague) Public

vague notes sent away to an even more vague and perhaps mythological or fantastical "public circle" (i.e., the people who read any of what i write (here -- or anywhere) as it relates to a 'reality' - or as a timestamp or a milepost pinned into this 'reality' and use it for some 'perspective' both in present & for and from future (and hence perspectives past as they pertained and pertain in retrospect to a present and possible locate:

perception vs. perception
perception vs. 'reality'
'reality' vs. 'reality'

these matches can run individually, on a 2-3 person acquaintances or close friendship or more profound (to whom among the core?) relationship of some kind. does smaller scale (for me) loom so much larger in lifetimes of relative peace? i've known no hardship. so i make mountains out of molehills. molehills are my mountains. there is a certain control.

compare and contrast to larger scale.

and to reactions to various of these fights (versuses).

fight vs. flight

to run away (escaping reality and 'reality) or to confront (in hopes).

and especially as this pertains to "survival of the fittest (darwinian, real), vs. psychological, per se (start, for example, with freud's continued prevalence, the sexism etcetism inherent; the seeming ridiculousness and yet assimilation into modern culture which makes it 'reality'?

'reality' and 'perceptions' about both small and large group occurrences (a few friends, a country, the world, how we make it all palatable somehow, etc.)...

then: reality. then, why poetry? duh. would be a relieving way to end this journey of thought before starting again. and again. until you never get it right.