Saturday, August 26, 2017


Negative Space

2 iPhone 6
cellphones – each
less than one
month old

a couple of

two terabyte

drives; one w/

a lifetime of


(and most all if it
paid for) music

and the other
w/over 100 yrs

of digital (the
older ones


scanned from

originals) photos

a large black

rolling suitcase

(unknown brand)

which contained

all items stolen

during 1st robbery

all 5 bottles of my

prescription meds

which could not be

refilled soon enough

for the furniture move

to the storage unit

2/3 of everything

accrued over a life-
time — of which the
13 most recent yrs 

were spent on Nob
Hill at an apartment
I called home — 
where, during my scheduled

attempt to remove my 
belongings, I was ass-
aulted by the apt mgr

(who refused to allow
me to go
to the emer-

gency room—because 
it had all become way 
too much for me to handle)

various clothes, inc
many t-shirts, dozens

of coats and jackets,

the beautiful table

from the kitchen,

as well as my old-

est piece of furniture,

the marble table in

the hallway, well over

a hundred works of art,

one large box of memo-

rabilia w/items from most
every year of my life

3 door-drops of shoes,

all of which fit me, inc

several pairs of work/

dress shoes, the loss

of which would be

the source of severe

blisters for two months

one 10-yr-old cat named

Coco the Loco, who, like

me, had lived for over

a decade in an apart-
ment (#35) at the

intersection of

Pine & Mason,

San Francisco,


         Be happy, and/or RIP, dear Coco the Loco (2007-2017)