Tuesday, October 31, 2017


One Night Stands
                               (Achizm #2)
can occur (to
the transformed;
to the spectator
of the transformation)
as immediate, an immersion
into inversion, yin becoming
yang; yang, yin.  The cockroach
lies flat, content, as it (mostly)
covers the nuclear reactor.  The
nuclear reactor sits silently in the
distance, chugging, as if making a
joke of its very own silence, of the
cockroach atop it, here, in the middle
of a state that lies somewhere in the
middle of a country.  All passersby
pull their automobiles over just
to spectate; to participate.  It is,
as always, a beautiful day.  Each
of us are part of the beauty, and
so we whisper:  “Gorgeous!”  “Ama-
zing!”  “What a spectacular day!”