Friday, November 18, 2011


Oral Necklace

The vistas are a smiling ship on the ocean.
About to barf if I read another conversation
with yourself.   Didn’t I want to add my
voice?   We drove out past Half Moon Bay

with Curran and Masashi this afternoon to
a pumpkin patch.   To pick pumpkins.   It was
lovely in all possible ways, sitting in the back-
seat holding Otto’s hand while he slept.

Looking out at the beautiful sky.   Passing
Spindrift Road.   Having a pie at the patch.
And oh, the maze.   I never made my way out –
could not find my way out of the lovely

hay maze.   Did someone have to come
find me?   Rescue me?   Here I am,
backwards, pestered at 4am.   Around
8:30, touching.   This is the real me.