Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The boss would like to see us not in person
                                                       —Victoria Chang

Dear Slippery Spike,

Well, firstly, are you still sleeping? And it be-
ing the Month without Mouths, are you here?
Right?  Morning is here, that’s for sure.  Morn-
ing-Morning (or more like Afternoon, but I’m
with Los Angeles, which is Here, too, so I can

call it morning if I prefer to do so, can I not?)
Oh, and Slightly Overcast and Overclassed,
meet your freshman year.  Its man, Under
the Carcasses (of course), and I swing in the
Caucasus (politically) while sifting for hang-

overs with First of Kin, Fist of Kiln, and poor,
dear Terror Water.  I mostly note that Dinner
was sainted with Fuchsia Glove (I’ve Steven
of the Heart, you see), and Herbal (or, maybe it’s,
Hair-Gel?) Web Syndrome.  Are you still sleeping,

Simpering Mike?  Please, can you take some
cabbage to the garbage, Drink, Drank, and Drunk.
I’ve been Meaning (we switch roles occasionally),
and we’ve been meaning to tell you, too, Tycoon
Lynched Berg, that nobody (Nobody) stops with his

head just barely up and into the gouge, right Gauge? 
(Whom I love all the livelongday, and wouldn’t you?)
Please, oh, please, Funky Dragon Leg, please (!) dance
the Dance of the Purple Light with me tonight? 
The one you were invited to invent

a little over a month ago, before passing the
distinct privilege of its initiation along to me. 
Ah, to be in such pleasure, at such a place, along-
side yr grace, thinks the lovely and talented inventor/
choreographer!  And don’t you dare make me enter

Mr. Mercury, especially while stargazing or simply
staring down Mezzanine Mouth (and the mezzanine
mouth of Odd Johnny).   Of I Can’t Remember....?
Please, oh, please, send me one single word of
Affirmation so that I may put Heart back into it. 

Yours, As Ever,
Too Truly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

mmdxxxiii own/Shattered aspect...
                          —Rob Halpern

shattered aspect.
so geminian times
three.  we want
justice, do we?
we want it hole.
in its entirety it
is just a thing;
but is it the
thing?  things
grow, godbless.
but.  then.  things
divide.  and con-
quer the godless.
how holy i must
be at this very
moment, lying
in bed listening
to the leaky toi-
let and for the
footsteps of yr
swagger.  one
day is one day.
all is well.  min-
utes later no-
thing adds
up. this goes
on for infin-
ity unless
we relearn
how to lie.

Monday, February 22, 2016


With no future yr floating lines make me
Really hot like direct address...
                —Rob Halpern

if.  only
this mo-

ment w/
o evasion.

if.  if


for clar-
ity, then



Sunday, February 21, 2016


                                   when I
Am feeling anything at all...
                       —Rob Halpern

Is not something
I am aware of.

The eyes have it.
I’m told I’m too much

Of a Yes Man.  This
country is not aware

Of what I am thinking
As I walk up Powell

Street or down Pine
Street.  You take an

Iffy block of time
And you either

Pretty it up or you
Eradicate it completely.