Thursday, March 31, 2016


I Hope You’re Doing Well
            —for DR, whoever you are...

I was wondering...
when you said
that you were
“too stupid” to
be my boyfriend...
did you mean that
you’d just rather
have a stupid

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Regional Wealth

Today’s lesson is
I have no idea
what I’m doing
but I’m doing it,
anyway (and
amazingly so,
if I might add.
Check me out!,
etc.)...   Even
as I graduate,
enter a new
high of self-
lessness, I am
by necessity
at my most
selfish.  This
is perhaps
the only
much that
I know.

years later,
he popped
not one, but
three (or it
could have
been four)
strong mints
onto his drying
tongue, let out
a whelp which
was meant as
a whoop, and
walked out
of the circle
of light to
which the
tiny lamp
had devoted
its entire

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



He wore the most conventional plastic leather outfits.
                                                                    —Robert Glück

They keep laughing and snorting in my department.
Or in my general direction.  All I have to say about this
is “I am asleep.  At work.  In pain.  My foot.  For lunch.”

Over here, I should probably ask for some water.   It
probably won’t happen until I snap.  And when I do
snap, I’ll do it silently, whispering “Garçon?” as you

look at me with such distaste.  All I get a kick out of
is you.  This is so incredibly true that I fiend for just
twenty minutes (or so) on some sort of ski-like machine.

But what do I get instead?  Blisters.  In my ears.  To the
tune of When the Missiles Whistle....   The perfect boy-
friend.  I mean, seriously, is that even an actual song?