Monday, August 31, 2009


Congratulations!   The lottery committee on
today officially wishes to announce that
you have won.   You are among the winners
PROMO DRAW.   All participants were
selected randomly from 30,500,000
email addresses of individuals and
companies from all parts of the world
as part of our Automobile Marketing
poem-swap, as part of our Finding
, followed appropriately by
sushi, as part of our ‘housewarming
present,’ as part of our bad movie
but I got to snuggle and serious
talk, speaking generally with
jets in the air and a dank
smell in the bedroom, like
if my boyfriend had an
opportunity someplace
far away what would
I do.   This leads to

Friday, August 28, 2009


Time does not fetish a poem.

              (You’re as perdurable as moping is mawkish)
                                                                —Geoffrey Young

Yesterday sufficiently out of it but
not really being too sweet.   Just
distant after drinks with lushy friend.

Fun.   Why?   Tomorrow!   Damn!
First time I’d seen him in forever.
3 months?   What a work of art!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Through a combination of “aged corporations”
and enhanced corporate credit we are able to
get you up to $200K in unsecured lines of
credit for your business.   164 pounds of
running, racquetball, humor, and midnight,
June 8, so didn’t eat much this weekend.
Attention entrepreneurs, don’t eat much,
take yesterday off, dose on antibiotics
that affect appetite, find a name that
sounds like “russian roulette” (Rosanne
Ouelette? Heston, Georgette?).   Here
is the solution in Japanese: poem-swap
at my place, eat a donut, and several
boiled eggs, leftover cookies from
brunch, birthday dance, eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Gucci totes for your loved ones.   Gucci
shoes for the high flyer.   See if you can
get in, your email address emerging as
one of three winners, hence you are
expected to make your claims immediately.

Don’t doubt, let him show you that he loves
you.   Do not break, grasp the chance to
become a real man today.   Speak to your
member.   Eliminate all body fat.   Increase
libido and sex drive.   Do not doubt.   People

really think I’m cute, generic people.   A
little dizzy, medicine, mix & match a
romantic message in a bottle for
Valentine’s Day.   Forget delays and
costly doctor visits.   I am now thirty-

six and my back hurts while I read H.D.
over sushi.   Painkillers for massive
bedroom action.   Every single med is
available here in our massive online
store.   Your discount code # is LMAO.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We live in the jungle now, catch flies
and sometimes bagels, snow-shovel
hearts off freeway ramps, first time in three
weeks.   This message may not be from whom
it claims to be, honest hard on, lope the loop.
Monday night?   Hmm.   I mention speaking,
dear gentlemen, to the morons of advertising,
flower pupils couriered to your doorstep.
Nemesis interruptus.   But I’m better than
Monday, nay, better than the entire weekend,
black, sleepy, sun like summer, shipping
worldwide.   Feel the magic in every
language, pleasuring the ladies and
upsizing your manhood.   Horny house
wives getting fucked by other men.
Wishy-washy, balking, not getting
any attention.   None.   From him.
Zero.   None.   Nada.   Keep your
dignity, double your volume of
ejaculation.   Discover the break
through secret.   Delete forever.
Delete forever.   Delete forever.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Dear subscriber.   We make
navigating the health insurance
maze easy.   Wouldn’t it be
great if you could instantly
connect with an expert one
week from tonight?   As for
Japanese, show up for your
first day of class then see
what happens?   Only hope.
Start drafting something.
Be the love poet of our
time, even feeling shitty,
but yeah, don’t sink;
surprise your loved one
with a larger organ.   They’ve
never been so easy to make.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Omega watches from replica purses.
These are the first run of the 2009
models with inner Rolex.   Only
limited to 1000 pieces worldwide
and expected to sell out within a
month.   Your only hope, to work
long time on a poem, draft some-
thing yesterday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So large you will have to
change your underwear.
Who?   Who?   My friend
just send me an eKiss!
Perhaps you have a
close friend or relative
who you want to help
stop smoking during
lunch.   Or the cute
waiter.   Yesterday,
miserably bleak.
Go.   Meet him for
dinner in some
breezy nook.
Just act & run,
first sending him
a note saying we
don’t have enough
sex and saying he
should spend time
with your friends.
No response.   Still
no response.   I know
this happens with him.
Related story, I got the
name of a therapist from
Dr. Feldman.   Have left
a message seeing if he takes
Aetna PPO.   No response.
No response yet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You make me horny for reading.
Like a bird once manufactured
in FDA-approved laboratories.
Elusive, enigmatic, holds back,
backs off, then spurts out these
lovely things.   Anyway, we
hardly have it.   And besides,
what shit, I hate business
intercourse.   I need to freshen
up my life.   This new one
isn’t real enough.   I need
to double my volume
with proven massive
gains of more than
three inches.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Every single med is available here
in our massive online store.   Pain-
killers, anti-depressants, ED meds
(for massive bedroom action),
Magic bluc pill (from just $1) and
many other classes of meds.   At
lunch, sushi on Sacramento, the
waiter looks at me covering up
my diary.   Was thinking of
Fresno this weekend?   Perhaps
Santa Cruz or no place.   My
weekend is his.   I’m starting
to feel silly with how much.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I recently came upon your website and I must
tell you that you did a great job with it!   I really
enjoyed and loved it and thought that maybe my
visitors would find it useful as well.   I would like
to know if I can link your website from my website   I am trying to link
to quality websites that my visitors might get
something out of.   Please let me know if this is
OK.   And also, do you think my website is worthy
to be listed on your website?   I brought that up
and he said it’s just that things affect him so
strongly.   And it’s only for special occasions.
Well.   He said he lost something very important
because of it once.   And it won’t happen again.

Friday, August 14, 2009


It could be.   Forever.   There’s
nothing more impressive than a
man with confidence.   Someone
special sending you a nudge.

Get powerful and enlarge your
pole easily today.   Sleep soundly.
Eat home cooked country cooking.
Delicious.   Swear you have

never enjoyed dancing with anyone
as much as you enjoy dancing with
him on a Sunday night, plopping
his arms on your shoulders,

wrapping his hands behind your
neck, putting his little checkered
cap on your head, his braids,
his glowing eyes rolling up

into his head, way back up
behind his lids.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here comes the sun like a cushion full of
pins and needles.   Here comes Coco
with her new brush.   It’s too much pressure.
Dare I say I’m able to relax, concentrate
on other things?   Like thinking about
yesterday writing love, love, love, worry,
love, future, love.   He promptly and
sweetly responded, but LOVE?   I ask at
Mel’s and he says it once, “I love you
sooooo much.”   Sitting on me Friday
night, watching the holes in a stranger’s
ears, corner of Powell and Post.   To
which he replies “I need you, too” and
“I will go wherever you want, do
whatever you want, so long as we can
do this sometimes.”   The lady next to me
breathing down my neck.   Sometimes.
Maybe.   Not long as.   I fall off the couch
with too much love or panic attack.   But
I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Splash them with twilight like a wet bat.
                                                  —Jack Spicer

It’s too sunny and when I sneeze it’s like
a million acupuncture needles just slid
down into the top of my lungs from the
front of my shoulders, ping ping ping.

Slumdog Millionaire is pretty good (before
award ceremonies).   I almost forgot what
this was about – the chandeliers falling,
the ones with the LED piping at the new

Dosa on Fillmore, bold enough to frighten
Tinseltown: thirty-five years of lights.
You rubbed your tusks all over me (and
came back an elephant), made tiretracks

because of the thaw.   You had been invad
ed by aliens and then the aliens fell in
love with me, too. It made me love you
more.   It always does.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Is this a mature one?

Too bad we are silent in love,
which is the happy daddy
of being silent with no love.
Too bad so sad?   Sure!
And always silly
walking hand-in-
hand to the
Nob Hill Grill.
But first,
meet me on the couch
while I finish these five books
(okay, one is a magazine) and
blog about needing to pee.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It was a bisexual joke.   You only get it
if you’re bisexual.

Friday, August 07, 2009


You want to verb the rivers
and scythe inestimable oceans.
Water water water water.   You
want the elevator but it does not
come.   Come come come come.
You want out
but you do not want
to be destroyed.
Fear of being destroyed.
Fear fear fear fear fear.

But this honey-flavored mud
you found while trolling,
destroyed by fear, in the throes
of an endless impotence,
this is what you never leave

because you want it forever and forever
and forever and forever and forever.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


get bitter

a blue fire
behind these
eyeballs what

a furtherance
the circumstance
of which is

a trolley
rises to
the navel

for you

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


A sort of right

How long must I be a wind
            against my long-cheated
Into an overwhelmed
            thing an unknown home has sunk

I have noted the bodies, right
            and correct as rights
I have located the hands,
            correct as rights
Enjoining like a right the
            good life-blows, said by a wrong
                        reporter, have belonged
The right under the steering-wheel, its interchanges
            have been quiet

(attributed to “Del Ray Cross” in Issue 1,
“a 3,785-page document featuring almost
as many poets....The poems were produced
by a poem generator known as Erika, or
Erica T. Carter.”)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Missouri (today’s trivia answer)

Mom sent me pictures of
her birthday flowers, sitting
next to them on her back porch.
She’s coming in a couple of weeks
but we can’t decide when.   Otto
took all the postcards off his
closet door.   Hooray!
Single page jerks into oblivion.
Oatmeal cools on the coffee table.
                       I’m still catching up.

Monday, August 03, 2009


Walk past “Frank is a
Miracle” etched in the
sidewalk on Mason
between Bush and
Pine Streets.   Coffee,
remembering how I
love Ibsen, wanting
to read a play.   So
I grab Chuck Mee’s
History Plays (Diane’s
This, the first play
I’ve read in over a
decade.   Page 4,
look up decoction
(ditto earlier with
diluvial, apologies).
Rainy day with no
rain, further up the
hill is etched “Mika”.
Frank, Chuck, Diane,
Mika, and the lady
dove Coco watches.
The cat furious, hungry,
delirious.   The bird, a
tender rooftop, The
Nob Hill Theater,
and not the one with
go-go boys next to
Sushi-Man restaurant.
Sushi-Man, Ryosuke
Yoshioka, 59, throat
slashed without
warning at OfficeMax
by Peter Fong, 45, who
suffered a ‘psychotic
break’.   Sushi-Man
opened one of the
city’s first sushi
in 1979.