Saturday, February 09, 2019


The Gutless Breed
  (circa late today
    to early tomorrow)

A little death
can be a lot of
fun if you take
care not to mix
too much business
with your pleasure.
Pleasure is fine,
too, as long as
that goes (Mar-
coni’s masochism
completes the
genetic injury
to the Marquis’
original chain —
et voila! — it’s
more like a rev-
olution than mere
bobbysox evolution,
wouldn’t you say?), but
for the excruciating
lack of any flinching 
or clenching (Gasp!
Whatsoever?!).  A pity 
so pat; a yawn almost.  
Another dawn’s fre-
netic spiral through
the electric funnel
until (Touche, Voila!
down its gulped by 
the drain — right
on calendar —
directly before it’s
last (woefully mal-
content) belch 
of the day.