Tuesday, October 31, 2017


One Night Stands
                               (Achizm #2)
can occur (to
the transformed;
to the spectator
of the transformation)
as immediate, an immersion
into inversion, yin becoming
yang; yang, yin.  The cockroach
lies flat, content, as it (mostly)
covers the nuclear reactor.  The
nuclear reactor sits silently in the
distance, chugging, as if making a
joke of its very own silence, of the
cockroach atop it, here, in the middle
of a state that lies somewhere in the
middle of a country.  All passersby
pull their automobiles over just
to spectate; to participate.  It is,
as always, a beautiful day.  Each
of us are part of the beauty, and
so we whisper:  “Gorgeous!”  “Ama-
zing!”  “What a spectacular day!”

Friday, October 27, 2017



              (Achizm #1)
And then…
I wanted to hold
the smoke – the
of special breath-
ing smoke – way

up high.
over the elk
standing frozen
an the mountains’
large winter-
time cliffs
where they
the fogged
bluffs of


Sunday, October 22, 2017



it not
for a
bit of
. . . .
If this
isn’t re
I’ll never

Saturday, October 21, 2017


     Do other people 
     not know where they think 
     they are when they do? 
                                —Sue Landers  
The ear thing today is 
nice guys finish last.  In 
this fantasy (the paper- 
work within paperwork), 
my being does not live 
me.  Yep, here I don't be  
me (a recommendation I'd 
reckon).  I don't live. 
But yet, the opposite, 
which expands beyond 
the opposite, does not 
become the infinite, so, 
therefore, does not ache 
Like existence; like expansion. 
Hollywood demand:  expend $$ 
for new transformer. This could  
be the one with which you blew  
up the transformer in the last  
episode (the prequel?), 
with which you blew up the  
transformer personified.  How 
could you?!, I implied!  At 14 
years of age.  in 2008 or 9. 
Room number 217 or 217 
and a half.  RUN LIKE HELL 
out of Miami.  Who does 
That?  Come to think of it 
who runs like hell out of 
Miami.  Maybe you were 
simply running (maybe 
still are) from Sears & 
Roebucks to Miami.  An 
utter conclusion. I think. 
In this fantasy exists a  
couple of pieces of  
paperwork about  
ivory.  And how I 
chipped a couple of 
teeth saber-rattling.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Wednesday, October 04, 2017


We are mirrors holding up the sky. You are watching,
you are holding me.
Inside is a wolf running across the ice.

                                                                  —Cassie Lewis

Ha, nah, brawn ka?
He looks at it. He thinks
about it. But he cannot

say it. Ice age rivulets.
Torpedoes dun as burghers
aim for the rhapsody of

dust above the plains
above the docks above
the ice caps amid

screaming rockers. Arch-
nemeses. Amanuenses. A
man you insist you trust-

ed in terms of agelessness
makes meatballs potatoes (the
cow having already been fatted).