Saturday, February 24, 2024


Comedy As Art
(Isn’t It Always?)

In what specific cases should one
restate a thing that they’ve stated,
perhaps innumerable times (Is this
), as they’ve said before, verb

atim? Not a question for poetry (ob
vy). It stung as if by dart [comme
par un fléchette!
] when he yelped:
Grandmaaa!! How embarrassingggg!!

Don’t you have some candy you need
to crush?!
This, the butt of a joke re
layed at the end of a bit in which
those words would’ve been directed

at none other than Grandmama Hill
ary Rodham Clinton. [C’est de l’art.]

(Where to Begin?)
Art As Comedy

nobel peace prize

Friday, February 23, 2024



Flashing on the screen like
a PowerPoint presentation
of gut-wrenching import:
$644, $185, $288, $25.

less important things I
(hesitate to say) need: a)
new swivel chair for desk
(with armrests); b) new

desk; c) larger refrigerator;
d) an actual filing cabinet;
e) 2 dress shirts; f) dressy
shoes. Never ask for a dime

from anyone ever again.
Phone bill is due, $107.34.


Snakemare on Pine Street



go through all OneDrive video
files – organize in style of my 
profile section in LinkedIn (which
needs to be radically updated

first). complete spreadsheet on
subject “Who I Am” – answer
exactly and thoroughly. Equifax,
Experian, Transunion (memorize

my numbers, including the angle
of each vector’s trajectory, the 
mean and the median, etc.). Ex
cise all guilt. Research to determine

most effective CBD:THC ratio for
anxiety/chill and vape accordingly.

Obsessive Compulsive

birthday and friends at foreign cinema

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


User Unfriendly

Knock, knock. Bear Day.
25 Live classroom sched
ule on Bear Day is very
unfriendly. Very user un

friendly. More notes. Tr
aining with Yvonne. A box
is a cloud. Slack is the cav
ernous flights/cars/hotels.

Cancellations will be excu
sed, if not extended. Wel
come travels. Do you travel?
I welcome travel. No credit

cards. $62 a day for meals.
Ground transportation only.

Bear Day

Tuesday, February 20, 2024



I don’t think she’s
ready to have a cat.
Just say you’re wel
come. M: I don’t

mind standing my
ground. His brother:
He does not like con
flict. Niece: difficult.

Brother: ungrateful.
Nevertheless, love
abounds (also, he’s
out of touch). Call

Mom. Text Dunder
head. Poems. Jobs.

not ready for a cat



AIC. AIC. Hemoglobin. 10
Mar. 7.2 May. w/Adler Fri
day the 20th. Scribble and
scribble. Take 1,000 * per

day. Written for tomorrow.
Questions: a) mobility issues;
b) because of a sock; c) look
for pho; d) red spots on chest.

My mom is a redhead. Skill.
I have. Lover. Back. Oh.
Shit. Lower back. I have
lower back peen. Gained

weight [diabetes foreshad
owing]. Viagra is ok. I lost.

my mom is a redhead


The Hot Bod of Blog

This is my growth stage start
up: I am much less spastic than
I normally look. But I am abnormal,
running free through pastures. Is

that weird, though? All I’d ask of you
is if you existed prior to me, be less
specific, press on for more input. By 
me? By anybody, sister. These doubts 

no doubt aid delinquency. These dolts 
or maybe donuts. That either of you
could relay my new address is aspir
ational. What is happening at your

desk right now? In the world? That
we are all so very concerned about?

Bob's Donuts San Francisco


Job Junk, Etc.

among the hodgepodge of notes,
one to do: write acrostic piece
using “finding a job can be a
challenge” – file under under

statement. at the top of the
same page, the words neuro
and autistic atop the
parenthetical a subset. no idea.

to do for today: call jen at tax 
defense network. call calfresh.
pick up check. 2-2:30pm phone
interview. pick up muni pass.

deposit check. call credit one
regarding delinquency notice.

on the job

Friday, February 16, 2024


Enter Rude

Who needs a break? Are you looking at the tv, out the
window, at your knees or onto the darker side of your
eyelids? I met the 6th and 7th hurdles in an interminable
set of interviews this week (yes, for the same job). No

word back yet. Need to buy a new pair of dress shoes,
deodorant, some super glue, a new belt, Scotch Pads, a
new charger for my Alexa (which has me sounding like
I’m complaining a bit too loudly, I suppose), file folders,

dish liquid and laundry detergent, which I’ve used to clean
all clothes and cloth items by pail in my coffin-sized hotbox
for the past couple of years. And that isn’t as long as I’ve
refused to step into the shower here. I bathe in the sink.

It’s even too disgusting and sad to use the one toilet at
the end of the hall that, on the rare occasion, is usable.

No Coda as of Yet
(what if shrinking time makes
no room for its appearance?)


Thursday, February 15, 2024


Why This Does Not Count

I could. Say what you mean. This must make sense.
What would be the point if no parable could be derived
from this garbled lack. Fate lies in our hands now. “But
what about the inevitability of censorship?” says some

kid in the balcony who may or may not have raised
their hand beforehand (I’m not wearing my glasses).
I walk all the way up and hand him the textbook, which
is half theory and half fiction. And maybe a smidge of

poetry, but who’d know? “We expand the arts and the
natural sciences,” the professor says. I profess that I’m
not a firm believer in the evolution of a species, anthro
pologically speaking, of course. I mean, my feet may

seem to stand upon a firm slab of desiccated terra firma.
But how can anyone negate the facts? We’re all doomed.

The Pile of Words Dithers No Matter
Their Cumulative Geometrical Guise

maximum fill

Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Valentine’s Playlist

Make one, I did. Not your trad
itional music playlist. Almost no
music at all. We can go through
and, one by one, discuss each.

Hone that list. I would like to begin
by going over the 5 x 5 questions and
answers we developed at our last meet
ing. Picture graduate school in Greece.

It’s pretty isn’t it? Erase that photo. Pur
chase a TV. I mean a tv-sized monitor
for all of the most intense chemistry and
math and geometry. Follow up on plans

since nobody goes to college anymore.
Gather in another week for 3rd brainstorm.


a valentine for you

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


For Whom?

No, or, well, yes. But no. I don’t
know. But is this not a fundamental
question of what we do, those of us
who cannot help but ‘pen’ such piffle

and then audaciously put it out there
for people like you to scrutinize? To
someone with a related degree or three,
this question might seem pedantic, but

I prefer to call it basic. Connect with
Renata Blender (Spender?). Work with
Rafa to get M&Ms set up at every meeting
involving Sarah (she’s the boss and she

loves them, presumably; why would I
remember such things?). I miss this?

Get a Job



Nobody Asked for This

Change wall calendar to February.  Contact
institute person at MediCal and 
Stonewall. Call
Alto to determine when backlogged prescription 
might be this long line of ,,, lines begun in the 

summer of 2002. I started blogging each piece 
individually starting in the summer of 2005. The 
basic thrust was then set into motion: I would take 
scraps of lines from my old diary entries and combine 

them with random thoughts or goings-on at the time
I was piecing together each pastiche, each amalgam, 
if you will; a juxtapositions of details from two time 
periods in my life.  A new story of me.  Of course, this 

is just a bare-bones description; much is left out and the 
process has evolved.  But in essence, this is who I am. 

A Further Explanation of these Anachronizms

not a wall calendar


Dated TO DO LIST Item with Further
Explanation of What I’m Doing Here

(if you have to explain the piece...)

New charger after spun out fire-
crackling, nearly electrocuting
living, physical being (me). Is
this a good time to clue you in

about what I’m doing with these
sonnets made up of lists or various
words found on pages I’ve compiled
over the past six or seven years that

I’ve handwritten? Pages which mostly
include notes for poems, notes I’ve
written after conversations with Mom
about the catalog of photographs I

inherited from her mom. And, pre
dominantly, lists of things I need to do?

Droll Meanderings

shadow on a rock stairwell - going down

Saturday, February 10, 2024


Forecast Calls for Sucker Winds

Welcome to the Berkeley cornucopia.
What if I’ve got nothing else? That’s a
personal question and I am very sorry.
It’s quite possible that I don’t even want

an Armageddon. I walk fast and mumble/
with my head turned
(E. Berrigan). So,
then, reverse the question. Are you an
archeologist or an ecologist (digging

fossils)? Dissect morality. Sit down and
eat some ageism; breakfast is always taken
for granted. The veneer of this paradise/is
bedbugs and parasites
(Ed Berrigan again).

Don’t preach until you’ve stuck your nose in
it long enough. Eat pope dust. Prop up a poet.



A Fab Flail

Monday must do. Vacuum
the roof. Build your own
hoover, Herbert. Type com
prehensive list of all of the

jobs for which I’ve interview
ed. Totally Spock the spread
sheet. Target Walmart for a
Best Buy at Ross. Wok to A

manda in Alameda. Walk to
Alameda for Mama? Money
order sonnet (Shampoo with
). Tuna in paper

work. Call Tonya at Conjunc
tion Junction or Collections.

welcome to walmart

Thursday, February 08, 2024


Work on Notes for Work

for anyone keeping score,
that’s a direct quote, top
of a page of a handwritten
note. this one is more leg

ible than most. so, for ex
ample, also, note to jeremy.
budget (not budgie). but
then, call nitesh? oh, of

course, though: call irs
(have i ever?) tuesday,
california (the state in
all caps, no idea why).

modest apex. uh uh.
moderate microsoft.



Airplane Ticket

lemony snicket.
take out trash.
shut up and
lick it. clean

find cohesion.
laugh and the
world laughs

with you?
haha. haha.
shave. don’t
nick it. speed

ing trisket. no
stalgia brisket.

speeding kills bears


Absolute Immunity

preen. poem. post.
wayback machine
dashboard. then
1, 2, hips to the

floor; 3, 4, run
through the door.
note to diane. call
mom. new charger

for alexis. birthday.
evening list next steps.
don’t do boba. still look
ing at earrings. security

is a pleased to have?
am i not a necessity?

bubble tea


‘Story of My Life’ Department

send email regarding food which
I am to recite during lunch tomo
rrow. fool-proof scam artist det
ection. chant all morning “i am

not gullible. i am not gullible. i
am not gullible. etc.” ponder
this in relation to the ‘story of
my life.’ weep. figure out amaz

on on mobile phone. mental note:
landlines being phased out, per
news blip just heard on late night.
business? never. rauschenberg

test. rectal lamp? apartment dep
artment. she’s got a ticket to ride.

downtown toledo


Influenza List

unintentional bug spray. bug bins;
bins of no bugs. new set of shears,
very intentional. printer cartridges
are on the list as a sort of game, a

will he or won’t he, and thus far and
perhaps always, he won’t. the marvels,
beginning to end, sitting upright with
no back rest after being in a veritable

coma for four days (said coma prece
ded by night in the emergency room,
an instance that occurs now with alar
ming regularity). note to mistaken

schenectady: i’m rather elated; better
educated; letter redacted—post comma.

emergency room

Saturday, February 03, 2024


The Sheeple’s “Republic”

is it any wonder that with such a vast
land so full of idiots to harvest ... which
included many of the various villages

elders, let’s be honest ... many of whom

saw it coming initially ... most of them
quickly resigned themselves to the inevit
ability; some were rendered useless—
more idiots to reap—letting anxiety and

apocryphal lore get the best of them; and
there were the few who believed they’d
be the catalyst for change ... right ... so ...
in the end, all but the strongman had been

rendered impotent ... it was a gorgeous and
fertile land that was brimming with idiots ...


Can’t See the Faces for
the Blinding Spotlight

I’ve got some junk in
my inbox just dying to
speak w/you about
yourself as compared

with me. As for me,
I’m pretty sure that it
could tell you a thing or
two. “The path to en

lightenment often lies
in getting lost,” the
Burglemeister pontif
icates. “Get Lost!” I

scream in the direction
of that filthy voice.

revel in the spotlight

Friday, February 02, 2024


Reading the Noodles on the Wall
(without the assistance of eyeglasses)

As a matter of fact, I do not use
stone hewn calligraphy sticks. I
mean, are they even a thing? I
squint even more and discern:

today and butt loom or loon and
so I think butt moon, which even
I have to admit is a bit romantic.
But then—clear as mud and as loud

as a thud—toothpaste? So I’m look
ing around for the stick of deodorant
that I’ve momentarily forgotten I threw
away yesterday (it was an accident; i.e.,

this tale falls apart here), and all I can
find are a loaf of bread and a bag of rotini.


Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Your Alarm Clock Wakes
Me Up. You Don’t Budge.

More urgent stuff. The
new urgent. Check box
talk to Stallone about
his laid back carefree

urgent. What’s going
on, is there anything
upcoming? Pronto.
Run like hell and ask

no directions. Many
humans stomp-
crushed all the
shell-bones until

the ebbing waters of
the Pacific called 9-1-1.

Papaw in his fireman's gear


Serious Hush Finally Raises Voice
after Six Silent Months

This is to anyone left when this
is over. The courtyard can’t be
seen through the window. The air
is an angsty orange. From quar

antine to agoraphobia to, I’m done. 
The ongoing attempt to convince my
self here in my hotbox that is about 
the shape and size of a coffin. Ding 

dong, I’m done, by way of a dimrage. 
Grr!! See? The universal appeal of that 
oddly angled leg all propped up by a 
chicken bucket. But ding-dang-it I must 

finish this here as there are no more 
lines for which to bring my point home.

ding dong ping

Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Cue Buckle Recurrence

We took a dental leap w/
our currently regular dog
tie. A person is a recurrence
(ACTUALLY) and Del is to

go through and see the
regular stuff. A detailed
reminder of everything
that is forthcoming. The

update is planar through the
end of the year. Hence the cur
rent eggy day recurrence. David
flies until mostly domestic. The

Human Resources Department are
all in Los Angeles eating popcorn.

the day i was a giant

Sunday, January 28, 2024


A Whole Lotta Love

Haven’t stepped out all day. As
if escape were possible. The im
penetrable husk of this hermit
sees to that. How’d I wriggle

myself into this pickle? I lock
my door from the inside. Sure,
I zip out on occasion for essentials.
But then I’m back again. How I’ve

found comfort spending years in
this sweatbox seems like such a
conundrum. And I’d ditch this
place. I would. if only I could

find enough of a differ
between free will and fate.


Saturday, January 27, 2024


an orange menace of putrescence
                        —Stacy Abrams

I’m pretty sure that none of my
grandmothers ever uttered “fu
ck your feelings.” This is some
dump. Sunny louse (what?) and

don’t knowledge. The donuts of
Weaver Township, Arkansas. The
all to visible elephant in the room
or the body politic. Beating around 

the bush on Bush Street with a new 
Chime card. Can you say bank pariah 
without revealing anything? Pink October 
is the worst month. But since I look fab

in pink does it fit? Marmalade March
(merch?). They split a fascist avalanche.

power to the people

Friday, January 26, 2024


Semi-Contemporaneous To Do List

Possess a printer who can eja
culate splendidly. Plus the obvy
related priority (but there’s no need
for that to exist on this list, for that’ll

happen, printer be damned). Get edu
cated on inappropriate Blogger content.
Just yesterday, I received my first ever
ding in over 22 years of posting regularly,

and for a relatively innocuous (am I that
tawdry?) piece posted here in 2008?!
Likewise, get hip to YouTube’s no-no’s,
where I’ve had a ding, as well. Even tho

my algorithm bombards me incessantly
with the most taboo Louis C.K. bits?

let your colors show?


Log Jam

Block time for “NMT” in
calendar. Duration min
imum. Meg’s direct re
port: Eva. Anything

that st (stops there; im
agine strays, strips, stems).
Two speakers. I’m thinking
of a number between one

and eight. Call CalFRESH
CALFresh (snicker). Get mo
ney to Carter. Corkscrew
for Gayle. Larry. Rethink

stance on lawsuits. It’s a
strange album. So sue me.



Car Key Clichés

Forcing a routine to forget how
to write. Forging deconstruct
ion of discipline. Add verse
destruction is as deliberate as

verbs; word kindling. Accrete
sheep knowledge for noggin
expansion. Makes for an en
hanced noodle. Robbing ra

men for Robin, who’s already
rich. Like the soup. She may
be Gwen’s fiduciary, but she is
n’t rich. I meant like that’s rich.

Needless to say we find all of
the needle’s eyes in haystacks.

earthy mercedes


Corpse Oration

Ask doctor about the longer
the unemployment the bigger
and more bizarre the flashbacks.
Leave politics out of it spread

sheet. Cheating at golf? What
ever, dude. I can provide the
sharp posts I’ve drafted thus
far. Further info (through the

closed door of the boss’s office)
relayed once a month. Hissing
like a seething Slytherin. Gavin
Rossdale’s whiny semi-acoustic

rendition of Glycerine on Fallon
last week wasn’t political. Nope.

corpse oration


Earnest Query
Re: Redundancy

Are sonnets lazy?

doing nothing nothing doing


Finite Vector

Track down Red Ant script
for mock response. Epitaph,
epigraph. Look up griot. War
protest is not my thing, but

protest war. What good? Cof
fee talk with Sam, hold May
20. Map of fecund files. Are
these the birthing folders, like

the one with my sheaf full of
mostly indecipherable hand
written notes (that say I made
)? Dog whistle. Complete

timeline. Record of? Goals
with deadlines? Draft obit.


Saturday, January 20, 2024


One Woman Show

We kept a seat on the balcony for
a ghost. Just in case. We were
stunned that the host could relay
such a mesmerizing speech while

the infamous broadcast was stream
ing live behind her. She’d say how be
ing sweet was practical and how in her
left ear sat a piece through which all the

facts were being checked as the speech
transpired. On the next day, she had
another planned television appearance.
But on this one, she would have co-

stars playing the separate roles of
The Henchman and The Dominatrix.

one woman show


List of Calls to Make

Call to make payment plan for paying.
And blithering idiots. Need food and
essentials. Need money for food and
essentials. Cards Against Humanity.

Bump elbows with arguable lawyer.
Arguably. Doctor the next wound.
Wind sister up regarding chain mail.
Dislocate cruise. Have a caramel in

stead, Carmel-by-the Sea. Parallel
universe. Universes. Meeting with
the blithering idiot (again), this time
somewhere in Cole Valley. Stick out

tongue at Johnny Rockets. Austin,
once or twice. The VMAs. The YMCA.

the defenders of good times



Two years working on the appliances, he finally
walks into my kitchen, my appointment. “Teach
me triage,” I’m practically down on my knees.
“How deep are you into the applied sciences,” he

asks. I revel in being, explain all of the stereotypes,
foregoing my conclusion on contagion. He drops
his briefcase onto the dining room table, lifts a stack
of his best-selling compendia out of the fancy box

of black leather (a faux something-or-other),
spreads them all out like a fan, perfectly, each
title mostly obscured, revealed in elusive yet int
riguing smidgeons. “Well,” he says, picking up one,

“I’d begin here.” Gently, he hands it to me as the dish
washer gurgles, burps a bit and then gurgles again.

the  golden girls kitchen


Welcome, welcome, on and all!
                                                    —Stephen Colbert

“Hello, everyone. In case you missed it, this week has been
Renee Rapp week. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Brought to you
by black-eyed peas and rice.” That was breakfast. Harold looks
harried.  And like he hasn’t showered in a week (he’d like you

to know he last showered less than an hour ago). Frantically, he
looks through a sheaf of notes, as if studying for an exam. Some
thing important he’s forgotten. But Harold’s schooldays were over
decades ago (and he’s had a bum knee for well over a year now).

He’d just awoken in an awkward haze to a day for which he is far
from prepared, his head so filled with the muck and fog of morning.
“There’s. Just. Too. Much. To. Do.” he mutters aloud, to no one.
And it’s true. He riffles through pages of scribble looking for that

next big move, his eyes swiveling back and forth between the sheaf
and the screen of his laptop, which is playing yesterday’s headlines.

corrections with mister myers

Friday, January 19, 2024


Fertility Overlap

Sharpen arteries. It says here
carotid. Correct nomad typos.
Says here careful not to fluff too
much after shampoo as hair might

turn to flarf. How fictional is your
degree in fiction? Question what is
happening to Stephen (but he didn’t
tell us whether he was a character in

the novel or a real individual of some sort).
Research author/friend. The novel's name
is The Sentient Bun. I’d already read it
some half a dozen times. What an ego

trip to grab the text from our correspond
ence and turn it into house music or EDM.

disco frog


Come Here!

It’s Friday. For scones we have to talk on the
old school telephone. We must all use Dutch
phones so that what we hear may be logged 
extensively. Or maybe it says flogged. It does

not matter, we’ll figure things out. Uh oh, I feel
sluggish like Sluggo. This isn’t happening. This
doesn’t happen? Scratch that. We’ll erase that
part, whimsical as moods are. Can be. Will be. No

thing is as logical as a pendulum. As intricately
mathematical as the inner workings of a wristwatch.
I mean as the bold mechanics of a grandfather
clock. Can a gay girl get an amen? “Hey, Big Ben,”

he rhapsodizes, “it’s almost time for you to come
in. Play me one more before you get to the door.”

the clock

Thursday, January 18, 2024


Nonsense To Be Completed
Before Showering This Morning

Read Ada Limón. Where is that ecstasy tab?
Find the big church made entirely out of
crystal. Isn’t that in Arkansas? Eureka
Springs, perhaps? If so, scratch that. Up

date the spreadsheet on Uganda. Stash it
where nobody can ever find it, but keep
it intact, e.g., do not burn it, as would
certainly be my inclination. Work hard to

understand the true crime genre. Perhaps
ideas could be gleaned. Call the plumber to
have the residuals roto-rooted. For urgent
web horny and typical tricks don’t work to

deescalate, refund the gunslinger ASAP.
Somehow. Without a physical encounter.

cathedral of gold


Breaktime: Back to the Sheets of Years’ Worth of Notes
(an interlude inserted so as to have you
forget that I was explaining something)

Confession. It’s easier to put together a collage of
often illegible notes from various sheafs of parchment,
and way more fun, than to write about how, and why
I do this. So, on to the list. How often do you offer

up your specialty to the VP of Corporate Development?
Business has been a big party ever since Amanda was
serviced. servile? severe? ever since Amanda surfaced?
What splendidly complex calendar management overall.

Lots of mistakes to be made and corrected at last minute.
Most often after business hours. Oh, the frantic calls. You
don’t generally answer those calls. Caesar’s salad, full bag
of peanuts and cornflower pounders. One hundred each.

All flight arrangements are dramatic. This is a requirement.
We spend our days of frivolity mostly in the breakroom.

fancy teeth-breaking french burnt peanuts


(continued from yesterday’s patchwork explanatory sonnet)

Well, I just wanted to tell you what these sonnets
I’ve been writing are made of, and how I go about
making them. Because I’ve made so many of them.
And because I think they’re so fun that I thought it

might be nice of my to elucidate just a bit, just in case
it’s not clear and/or you happen to be interested. And
because they are quite representative of my original
thrust of the project, which began nearly 23 years ago.

So...even though I lost all of my physical items when I
turned 50, when I was homeless, the keepsakes and
whatever else I had collected over the years, they 
weren’t much, but I lost every material thing. And how 

did I get to this place? Well, it was an utterly reprehen
sible confluence of events involving a con, to put it simply.

(more to come...)

heart with bandaid over it

Thursday, January 11, 2024


I Do Go On
(part one of a bit of an explanation
on intent and process)

Sometimes I feel the need to explain myself. But in
this ~4,200 page universe, that seems to me to be
counterintuitive. And now, sonnets have
invaded this 
ongoing, longstanding, never-ending bunfight that

surely seems a buffet of mostly self-absorbed spectacle. 
Be that as it may, yours truly, a scribbler of lists and 
other sheafs of word-junk, uses them to form an elong
ated semi-random diaryesque mishmash of blobs of

stuff pieced together in ways that the author of all of this 
mess deems worthwhile, important (at least to him). And
yet I then send them out into the world. So they must also 
be intended for you. But why and how? Also, why these 

endless sonnets? But I was really going to talk process,
so...this is to be continued.... (See what I did there?)