Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I’m on assignment
in a time unfolding.
Breaking myself
in order to awaken.
Broken down open eye.

       But that space is also an epiphany.
                                      —Etel Adnan

Head in the clouds is
where I’m heading.
Already there, I
truly suppose, if
one can ever sup-
pose so truly.  A
song in my eye
or ear (awaken)
called Anxiety.

       And all along I thought you’d
       made me drop my mind
       somewhere along the way.
                                      —Just Another Cloud

Charlie Darker
renders it such,
this Anxiety.

Do go darker,
Charlie, says
where I’m

and should-
ers and all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


What a Relief!

Isn’t it odd
that I don’t
just labyrinth?
But nope. 

And what a
power week
I’m having.
Eating daily,

focused [on
Some time

which is
either good
or bad, but

there is a
bottle of

and I am
the oldest.
The eldest.
And yet

out, checked
out, checking

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Don’t You Dare Act Up!

Drinking a lemon zinger
in this tight-ass box
I wonder what’s
so wrong with
living the life
of an escape

Escape artist.

Odd, these
how they
at twilight.
So at odds
with feeling


so high the
entire time.
Check myself
in the mirror.  The
enormous salad
I’m going to
eat in an hour.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Duh.  Rhetorical questions.
                —Rachel Blau DuPlessis

I don’t do worst.  Except
“A book is the goal,” (sigh)
“...but not just any book.”
Okay.  Then what?  Again,
rhetorical.  Bombastical
(see “flatulant”) (and other
words I mean to remember,
like “prolix”, “garrulous”,
“fustian”) (well, that one’s
easy), and the always con-
fusing, my “high-flown”.

“How did we ever get here?”
I fawn with prolix emphasis.
I mean influence.  I mean
interest.  Which, of course,
often includes no mere
titbit of inferred insolence.
And, in groups of more than,
say, eight or nine, quite a
wide variety of
unchecked impotence.

And that, Dear Heart,
more often than not,
is tediously prolonged.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It’s Okay to Act Out

We are offered various
options for which to
relieve ourselves.
One is too random.
Slow down again.

10:30am, an
escapist, alive.
What’s wrong
with checking
online?  Star-

dust in a tight-ass
box.  Run on the
mill.  Or through
it.  Putting the
bills into a bag.

I tried to sit
in Union Square
to finish the

but instead
I went to
Borders and
spilled my latté.
The story of me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I’m working.
He’s just
waiting for
the rapture.

Nah, I ran
one mile

it. We
met in

the middle
to catch
else to

catch a
Call it a

Friday, July 18, 2014


Day of _______

A way to start
Think outside
the box must
have never
meant this.
But irksome,
texting and
This year,
already like
no other:
for to-

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Slave Labour

I realize only sometimes
that I should step back and
remind you about something.
But I forget why I’m here.

Perhaps that’s what I
meant to tell you
in the first place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Omission Is Honesty

         Remarkable perspicacity from Jesus, in this instance.
                —Russell Brand (commenting on a depiction of
                                  Jesus wearing a necklace of thorns)

This box gets smaller
and smaller.  Every-
body screaming is
me feeling trapped,
but [I gesture toward

Everyone seems
frightened.  A
song called

bumps into one
named Now You’re
Mine.  Why attempt,
as a musician, to exhibit
vocal range, lyrical
and/or subtlety?

I didn’t finish
that thought.

And seeing
stars after

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I talk you listen is
not a communication.

The coterie is
on hiatus.  A

to remind you

that you’re a
writer, write

about it.  Or
would I rather

just sit here,
depressed and

anxious.  Diag-
nosed with panic

(S. Young)

Here it is,
an occasion

in May.
Here I am,

waiting for

in the wire transfer.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


(This Poem Is Called) The Government Is Insane

And I wrote it.  I don’t
mind you passing it along.
They already know anyway.
Because I sit in luxury
upon a bed strewn with

In the mail today was a
mail-in ballot.  There’s
an upcoming election.
I know this because in
the mail today there was
a mail-in ballot for an
upcoming election.

Also in the mail was a
voter registration form.
That seemed appropriate.
Especially since it came
addressed from the Cali-
fornia Affordable Care
folks.  From whom I’ve
been trying quite unsuccessfully
to get some affordable care.  It’s
a nice idea.  But, you know....

I may not be thinking too clearly
at the moment, but I take a few
deep breaths anyway, at peace
with the amount of income tax
that I owe (I needed to figure
that out for the Affordable Care
folks) and the extension that I
didn’t even need to file (or this
I’m told now; who’s to know?).

I allow a small tub of ice cream
to warm my heart while I sit
cross-legged upon a bed
surrounded by stacks and
stacks of books.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I’m sitting cross-legged on our bed
reading a poem about suicide and
I find myself overly-compelled to
get up and immediately re-read

the poem, in its entirety, to you.
For a minute or two, because I
think this is funny, I am starting
to text you (“Isn’t this funny? ...”).

Realizing I haven’t even moved a
muscle in an effort to get up to
read the poem about suicide to you
and, funnier still, haven’t even sent

you an “Isn’t this funny?” text message,
I laugh out loud, to no one but myself.

Friday, July 11, 2014


rich kids at riots bore and they take their cash away when i don’t do what they say
                                                                                                               —Alli Warren

After dancing all night
I prefer screaming.  I
know, right?  Or having
screams channeled dire
ectly into both ears

while tripping myself out
by simultaneously attempting
to read poetry.  Who am I kidding?
I do this simply to wake myself
the fuck up.  Hence, such simul

taneity might also include (as it
does this morning) playing
games in my iPhone with
strangers and blasting
text messages to you;

you’re in the kitchen
and I’m in the bedroom,
isn’t that funny?  Yeah,
that got old fast.  We
text each other while

sitting silently together,
just the two of us, in
our living room; you
watching animated
superheroes and I

at my computer
doing my feeble
attempts at quilting
this skewed record
of our existence.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Cultural Insensitivity / Rediscover Your Inner Skate Rat

                            I hope I don’t like you, myself, or anyone else.
                                                                      —Killarney Clarey

I’m all out of sorts; all out of order.  It’s time
for the three R’s (reading, writing & jobsearch),
but I’m glued to my headphones this morning,
afraid to try to peel them off.

Also, I am not a blogger.  There’s a difference.
I do play a lot of games (on my computer, on
my telephone, on my coffee table, on the
streets of San Francisco) (or those are
all things I used to do.  But don’t
look for me in the blogroll.

I write a whole page around one single word.
For twelve or eighteen years I do this every day (I’m
such a liar!).  Then one day I can’t fit it all on just one page.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


a poetics of wetness

i woke up with tomorrow all gone

drenched was just the start of it

my poor snapdragons all dried up

not the pool of sweat or drool

the garbage bins rolling

two floors beneath the

bedroom window

a dream about a rainshower

turned out to be terrorism

“everybody out!”

we made it but somehow

the culprit fell in love

with the high school principal

the pastry chef was spurned

driest day to darkest night

our wet ears glowed

summer turned into fall

and overall our suspicions faded

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Note to Self (Thanks for Indulging)

You should perhaps be aware that you can
‘come across’ as being ensconced within,
or as being affiliated with, a ‘network’ or a
‘community’ or a ‘cult’ of any kind, whether
or not you are in any way truly or partially
affiliated with agreeable to said entity. No matter
if you are the least bit aware, whether or not
it was in any way the intent of your delivery or
performance, you can become thought of as
‘one of us’ by some entity’s ‘official’ membership. 
From wherever and for whyever your articulation
or performance, be assured that your ‘voice’
may or may not help your ‘cause’ (or your ‘causes’),
should you have any.  If there was ‘intent’, something
you wanted to mean, had clear purpose from within
regarding that which you imparted, or whether there
was no intent, perhaps it was a meaningless act, even
an accidental one (such a sneeze), it could be perceived
as something very different.  By anyone; even members
of a community, cult, or network which you despise, or
one which you did not even know existed.  Your ‘voice’
may supply a rallying cry for a ‘group’ you consider
‘enemy’.  Said group’s ‘official membership may,
thanks to your delivery or performance, come to
believe you ‘one of us’.  This can happen.  Despite
eloquence or ‘clarity’ in delivery.  So, whether you’re
deliverying or performing in relation to or toward or
against any particular network, cult, or community,
whether you are speaking from within or from without,
from its enemy territory, neutral territory, territory it does
not even recognize, from its bunker, its barracks, or from
the very stronghold or headquarters of whatever particular
network, cult, or community; whether you ‘belong’ to,
‘stand’ with or against, or are even aware of the network,
cult, or community; whether intending cynicism or satire,
whether attempting to be social or ambivalent, your delivery
or  performance may convince others that you are ensconced
within a particular network or community; perhaps their own.
You may become thought of as ‘one of us’, become ‘cult
figure’, so to speak, by a particular network, community, or
cult’s ‘official members’—and even by those who aren’t
‘official members’ but either apsire to be or erronously
believe themselves to be.  Whether this was or was not
your intention. Regardless of whether it is something
you would be particularly comfortable with, should you
even be or become aware of it.

Monday, July 07, 2014


something else.  which
reminds me what it felt like
belting the word “ECHO!”
out into the grand canyon,
once as a teenager but also
once as an adult: both times
just as giddy.  but the
assignment doesn’t sound
very practical until i think
lightning<—>thunder.  but
in all of this meandering
i’m still not sure how to
use the word, echolocation,
to apply to what i was originally
thinking, to use it as that word
which has been so necessary to me
but until now has been non-existent
or undiscovered.  but i did get a little
giddy when i read stephanie’s aside
about the word, or the ‘ideas around’
the word as used by or in the
manner of jena osman, thinking
maybe this is the word that i’ve
been looking for.  for so long now.
to use describing how little we can
know.  about each other.  about our
selves. until we give in to at least a
lifetime of examination, of reverence,
and of scrutiny over each tapestry that’s
brought into each and every ever-so-ephemeral
unit that gets built when we bump into an other or
into a unit of others.  no matter how we go about it.
we aim/drift/somersault/meander/drive/rollerskate but
we always bump.  carrying with us each our own unique
quilt hewn of speech+writing+noise+dance+anything+
everything.  and we make what we make of the muck
that we make as we build by bumping, building by bumps.
we bump into samelike.  we bump into same.  we bump into
unsame & insane & similarphobe & highly unlikely.  we bump
and we bump and we bump and we bump into bounty & predator
& phantasmagoria & friend.  bumping can be comedic or tragic,
we make of it what we will.  bump.  ugh.  bump.  ugh.  bump.  ugh.
bump aaaaooo.  bump  aaaaaooo.  bump aaaaoooo.  bumping should be
fun.  let me just pronounce it.  bumping is a great way to get to know somebody.

Sunday, July 06, 2014


okay, so echolocation doesn’t really
mean what it means.  or am i getting
this right?  i don’t recall any time
personally spent in attempt to break
into it, to break it, to crack or divine
it before, but gossip has it that, well,
i mean stephanie mentions it, only
to explain something ‘in relation’
with jena osman’s ‘ideas around
echolocation, locating the unseen
via speech, via writing, via sound’.
which, when i look it up in thefree-
dictionary, seems to mirror and yet
deny the official definition, but wait,
which has to do with sonar, sound
waves, of course, like how bats
or dolphins communicate, or at
the very least locate each other,
identify each other, in terms of
the space between them, so as to,
i suppose, deliberately make way to
the other or to deliberately avoid
the other.  but all i am doing is
wondering if i’ve finally found a
word that describes something
that i’ve always wanted to be able
to describe.  [sigh.  to be able to
describe.]  the thing i’ve always
wanted to be able to describe
is how language (speech,
writing, sound, physicality)
can not so much describe a
place, or help you find a place,
but how it defines it.  not so much
place, i guess, as culture.  and, well,
yes, i suppose defines it in relation
to myself; to my place, my culture—
to me.  it was physics, i suppose,
or could it have been calculus?
where i’d have to calculate
something’s distance from
something else based on
when something heard
the noise created by

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Hi, I’m Face-wash, Children of Addiction,
and I’m writing to you from the
Male Housewives Appreciation Line.

I’m currently number one-hundred
and eighty-two in the queue, but
I’m assuming that you’ll

perfectly well understand my
attempt to move just a
few steps forward.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Guernica   /   Jeanne In A Bottle

     Is matter a transvestite, one asks.
                                      —Etel Adnan

I, too, know all to well
the choke-inducing
sugary-nauseous feeling
of tripping inchoately or
incorrectly or just plain
corruptibly over every—
single—word—   so that
each one tumbles out such a much
messier mess than the one previous
had; each & all previouses of which
would’ve remained a virgin, innocent,
no bad report, no scrutiny down from which
to—to—to—scrutinize & from which spits
a whispery but bilious splatter; would’ve
remained as it were in the shadows, but
just as sprightly clean as a whistle, had—I—

might I simply add,
perhaps not exactly in—my—defense,
but it being now, and now being surely
and most likely and certainly the best—
the most appropriate time—if ever there is
or was or is—to do so, that I do—very—much—love—being,
that I have been in varying degrees, and most—assuredly—am—now
a poet. 

And, as humble or not, I grow more comfortably
into this freaky role every—single—living—day.  
In—deed, indeed, and in—clear—matter—of—fact. 

With that preceding, I know in my heart—of—hearts
that if afforded a nubbin of pencil & an out-fashioned
book of note, or even a cellblock and a just lick of shale,
that I could, for—Pete’s—sake(—or—for—
naught—but—my—spindrift—own!), write a few lines 
that would explain everything so—much—better
than that which I mostawkwardlyandspontaneously
and ever—so—over-vocally am exhaling at you right now!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I do remember calling it a coterie,

but I don’t seem to have one anymore.