Friday, December 09, 2011


Dinner (At My Urging)

Pollen in the pharmaceutical wind.   A clump of
keyboard on the lawn.   A wad of gum on the
corner of a plate.   Tact on the mend.   Inclement
weather is lush.   The look that I’m going to try to have
is Final Fantasy VII.   I also have bananas and a few
breakfast items thanks to Richard moving across the
street (a walk to Cala in the drizzle is a San Francisco
Sunday afternoon).   Glitterricky.   I win twice at
Fruit Ninja and top 400,000 for only the fourth time
in four years playing Bejeweled.   Besotted.   Let’s do it.
Working in a coal mine (going downtown).   Taking a
fatburner before running during lunchtime.   Alone after
lunch, a peach of a day, rain, argument, dinner in & all.