Monday, December 12, 2011


Hack Soft Hypocrisy time for a lifestyle...
            —David Highsmith

The conservation conversation left me
dry of mouth.   Do I complain a lot?   I don’t
see myself as much of a complainer....

Avoid the tiny game inside my phone.
Avoid the music I spent hours researching
and then downloading.   What’s the reference?

A collage is nothing for me but scatterbrain.   How
embarrassing that it becomes a way of life?    But
I meant to be eccentric at some point.   Is that

why nobody gets me?   When pricked, a Gemini
gushes the same, mostly.   Just more rivulets,
more general directions, the gushing.   How

nasal my lack of charm; so Faustian?   I live,
lest I fall asleep.   There’s more music somewhere.
An imagined train back home from a missed

engagement.   What a wallop (not a fine
alternative to riot, but allow me a few
steps back from the obvious; though

you’re too savvy for such diversions,
right?)!   Engagement is my touted
mask, my modus operandi, the

deep well that feeds my mojo.
Or thus I cluck repeatedly
and for reals.   Believe

these lips for mantra and yours
might warm my very soul before I've
[and I say this] scrambled them for breakfast.