Friday, December 16, 2011


Such a smooth and sensual way to curl the tongue.   But first
to open it slightly over the lips.   “This bit’s a hit.   No worries.”

A little boy walked in from the rain with a soggy toilet paper
tube hoisted up to his mouth.   Each of us are tools, but some

have better instruments.   Then we went to Lucky Penny for a
skin blemish.   The lottery causes this.   I don’t normally participate.

Just at the Lucky Penny.   Sepia the Cat is opening the closet door
now.   This must be Tuesday.   My laptop needs a check-up.   I’m

not getting regular updates.   [The pleasant morning rain starts
pelting the roof out my living room window again]   I remind

Brian that it might cause more problems than not to keep two
calendars going at once.   He says he’s had a lot of dates lately,

though.   But he decided to take a break for a while (a bizarre
inclination which often seems to strike people and which I’ve

never understood).   I discuss this with the dishes and the
laundry while Yuki sweats for hours behind my new TV.

He’s taken it upon himself to connect everything to the
surround sound speakers I’ve had for months.   And make

everything wireless.   Otto is working out with Nick.   It’s the
summer of being déjà vu and trapped halfway around the

world.   But one foot (these ones have never broken and
actually walk) goes in front of the other.   Cartoon steps.   My

mind wanders.   Sometimes one foot hangs out a bit more
obviously.   My only girlfriend’s little sister used to make

fun of how I walk – she’d do so by performing it.   I have
more confidence than I should have.   I’m a “Challenger”

and a “Reformer” – both 100%.   I took a personality test
with Otto this week.   He’s a “Peacemaker.”   Not me.   My

peacemaking is at 55% along with my “Enthusiasm.”
We’re both fairly high “Achievers” and way above

average “Loyalists.”   Which explains a lot, I think.