Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Worst time for a lisp issue.

Set up like so—in relation to where the
tit sits.  Teeth of an undisclosed number.

Fogroll.  Argue about the crotchet, an
odd or stubborn notion, in the fogroll.

Issue a Steven for a one on one.  Crawl out
on top.  Find myself in anything I can’t

enjoy reading.  Take off your glasses
and compare to Kenneth’s.  Last night

after Nip / Tuck.  Too much going on
to talk about.  Or something like that.

Do you think this is demeaning in any
way answers a broader question.  Be

the one you are.  The worst time to
sleep is between eleven in the morning

and one in the afternoon.  Set up the
soup in relation to the teeth.  Sit.