Saturday, February 18, 2012


Multiple Orgasms

A routine he’s revived recently which I LOVE.
A scrubdown shortly after he walks into my
office and flips his lid. All these umbrellas &
no twist?  So point is I was very happy this
morning.  Which has nothing to do with
death or dying, right?  Turn the page and
this is it?  So I go back to the old dreams,
the ones I can remember.  There are so
few of them.  In one, here I am.  In
another, he’s already and finally
apologized.  I am envisioning
he is a monster.  I like monster
in several of its constructs.  But
not in the movie The Hangover Part II.

While vacationing in Hong Kong
and Tokyo (two weeks apiece,
a little over a year apart), whenever I’d
mention I was vacationing (and a whole
two weeks?!) the response would in-
evitably be: So why are you vacationing
here?  Why aren’t you in Thailand?

Next year I won’t remember any of this.
So I rename it Flying By the Seat
of My Pants.  Which I LOVE.