Friday, February 24, 2012


I Lost My Drycleaning at a Birthday Party

And ever since I’ve been working on them,
speaking of 2.5 years ago.  I’m up to 144
now and still caring.  But he can make me turn
from ‘all is glorious’ to MONSTER in half an
hour (wild exaggeration).

[The opposite of hyperbole is __________.]

I trust the way Sean makes me feel all
wrong at dinner.  I’m in such a better place now.
Particularly diary entries.

Scuttlebutt is an aphrodisiac.  At least for me.
These things come and go to make us more
interesting.  Such a perfect thing to do

after spending all day with the in-laws.
Can they legally fire me for that?

I hate to ask but is it okay that I like guys?
I know we don’t stumble into each other
very often.  It’s like a

birthday gift, speaking of two and a half
years ago.  That’s what I say, C Monster.

Dear Sigmund,

I know it’s confusing & all.  But you’re the
best bunch of zeroes a guy could ever ask for.
Am I dreaming?

              & a guy like me,
            HogsYerKisses (not my usual screenname)