Saturday, February 25, 2012


Scar 2

Scary words with friends.  I miss
scoring a lot of points being twisted.
Like Bela Lugosi, maybe (as played by
Joaquin Phoenix?), picking snot out of
children’s eyes.  His own children’s, perhaps,
but we’re all caught unawares and
flunking Celebrity 101 (is it one-
oh-one anymore?).

With dull faces we’re back to our
commitment to the community:
See Dick dunk pail in ale.  See
Jane pour pail on head as if
[Whoops!] hat and fall pell-
mell down hill [Whoops!].

Sean mentions a writer friend
who avoids punctuation (&
other emotica) because the
WORDS should do all the

A fiery apostrophe ensues.

Forty and Flailing

P.S.  In perhaps twenty minutes I can
        forty-fie the ass-end of this blah
        beast with a bit more [upside-down
        exclamation point] FLOURISH !  (Yeh?)