Monday, February 27, 2012


Nominated for an Ernest Borgnine
                                     —Kit Robinson

This morning we all went to the gym together.
We observe money.  It talks gibberish.  It smells so
good.  It is such a perfect thing to do.

We live here.  Who am I to say how you should
perform in this circus?

After yesterday, spending it all, lighting another
fire under it, we are whisked away.  To the

The desire to mean something when you are told
that you only have 164 gigabytes available.  Chasing a
hummingbird all over the city (clutching a very heavy

In times like these I almost convince myself.  I am a
delusion.  I’m a book with his dorky picture next to mine.
I am giddy. 

It is Christmastime.

     It’s easy enough to start
     to make two lumps of coal: just close your eyes.
                                                      —Albert Goldbarth