Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Of course.

Refusing to switch off the attention diversion switch:
booted beings one floor above; slow gait. 

They left!
They fell asleep.  They’re watching football.  I am...

Are you spreading yourself too thin?  Of course.
Of possible interest: constantly evacuating yourself.

No!  No!   They are walking again!  Very slowly.
And they have invited more boots.  Boot-beings
entertaining more boot-beings.  Boots, party of
[impossible to accommodate]!

Page 1 of Zen for Dummies.  A book with
his dorky picture next to mine.  A terrapin.
A terrapin?

Constantly evaluating.  I am constantly
evaluating myself.  I am a failure.  What have
I ever built or unbuttoned?  A chainsaw film with
tall green creatures adorned solely with boots.
Appropriately gargantuan.  Chestnut brown or
slightly ash-colored.  Suede boots.

Earth is in utter chaos.  It is a horrific invasion.
Soon (before the demise of our race) we
identify with these gigantic (Grinch-like)
beings.  They are sympathetic characters.