Thursday, March 29, 2012


Is everything a little bit okay?  Write the pain (of/or
withdrawal).  Or into it.  Like a jetplane flies into its
business.  Something that looks up and out.  I’ll be
nude them.  (This is not your forest of typos).

Interrupt with descendent of related algorithm.  The word
underage used only as a metaphor.  A flood of friends an
open floodgate (usually only TV or cinema but Jake Shears
number onstage).  Is it the male gaze that omits Ana Matronic

or...WHO DID THIS?  [point blame; like photo and get berated
same afternoon for never looking at pictures “IT WENT UP
A MONTH AGO!!” – long pause...]....  Who is this?  Ger-
iatrics?   [pleadingly] My forest??  Resign not to empathize

with hundreds of thousands.  Negotiate birthright.  Suck on
cheese sticks (after willingly picking from a variety of perhaps
more admirably or lustworthy choices that, if you were an item
in a refrigerator, you’d most likely be: a block of cheese).  Los

Angeles, California (return address for American Express bill).
A blurb by Eileen Myles.  The remote control.  Tiny leftovers.