Saturday, May 19, 2012


7 & a half

I just dipped one of my earbuds
into a glass of cranberry juice.
Way up, moodwise, though.  Hoo-
ray, in fact!  Two days from now
our one year anniversary.  Cele-
brate elegant grandmothers with
gift-giving, garlic, and a rental
with butt-warmers and sattelite
radio.  Which, when I told him
this afternoon, he was all happy

about.  He’s an odd one (but I
love him, etc.) – hands me a
co-worker’s manuscript.
Vanilla latte (large) I’m
sure I shouldn’t be sipping.
Hold out your hand for the
prototype (of gorgeous).
I’m not sitting in a truck
that registers the outside
temperature at 122˚F.