Sunday, May 20, 2012


Rauschenberg City

I’m thinking about my
distance from the party
on my walk from work
to gym.  Think me in-
capable?  Think I’ll
grow up to be him?

These days I haul ass
to the spa.  Dog-tag
massage; a therapist
full of hot air and
warm water.  In-
sist on a shoulder.

The fog in the living
room lifts.  Outside
plumbers coalesce.
But enough about
January.  Wobble
over to Belden

with Jenn.
Loosen the
bar to unhinge
a martini.  Pom-
egranate.  Practice
housewife for trophy.

I cook dinner.  Hum-
drum.  Make friends
with complimentary
vodka.  Be home-
bodies (stir-fried