Tuesday, May 01, 2012


For the Mage

Is your voice heard?  What’s your
mood?  How do you make it happen?
Is it all fiction?  How are drugs involved
and when?  Your favorite spice?  Is it
impossible because of genetics or
heritage (please excuse if you find
redundant)?  How low can you go?
Are you serious or is there anything
serious?  If so, what?  What sex do you
consider?  Have you any usefulness for
words; have you said all there is to say?
Is there anything to say?  Do you feel
there is anything that needs to be said?
Must you speak?  Have you become
yourself?  If you had to be an artist
for one day what’d be crucial?  Mis-
spent youth?  Do you regret?  Do
you regret it?  Is it a challenge?  Do
you get to decide what is truth?  Is
this sentence true?  Mystery is the
real spectacle, right?  Is it stinky?
Have you ever been to a Chinese
acupuncturist (please excuse if you
find redundant)?  What was the
ethnic make-up of the neighbor-
hood you grew up in?  Do you
dwell on such questions?  Are
they ornaments?  Are we or-
naments?  Does God care?
Before or after sunrise?
Sequels?  Squeals?  Is
asphyxiation involved?
Do you always die of
asphyxiation or can you
live through it?