Wednesday, May 02, 2012


So what’s your point?

When you say “munching the feminine”
do you mean it metaphorically?  So much
correspondence with movies (this morning
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy participate).
Instead I watch another episode of season
two.  Did you get upset with me at dinner
last night?  Do you like my blue polka-
dotted umbrella?  About my mentioning
getting stuff/gifts at Lori’s?  Then some-
times wanting to break up over jealousy?
How many years is troublesome?  Is that
commitment, this certainty, so rare that I
feel, at all costs?  Fuck power and its loss!
I got it all wrong about the dynamic.  About
reconciliation being a Gemini conflict.  Hey.
A slightly new angle (the furniture).  My
tropical plant grew two inches.  Do you
like high ceilings?  Is this the end?  If I
run this Volkswagen through a few filters
it comes out looking like a cartoon.  Herbie
the Love Bug.  He was real.  Like Dick Van
Dyke and Shirley Jones.  Am I crazy or do
you get it?  I mean, am I crazy? Wasn’t
Harry Potter Star Wars and Wizard of Oz?
Have you ever been that out of it?  Describe
vulnerable.  Please?  Sumimasen[Abject]