Saturday, May 12, 2012


The face of time wants to be tagged
as the face of a person.  Are these my
golden years?

I just got cruised by a tall, lanky
white guy near the ruins of the
Sutro baths.  In the rain.  “Are

you a detective?” he asked.
Last day of the year.  Time
to return the car, etc.  I’m

sitting with Otto on the
cragged foundation of the
old Sutro baths.  Big

waves waltz in.  One
wish for the new year:
collaboration (Otto’s

sketching).  I just
fell into the mud:
whump!  Skinned

my right palm.  &
mud-covered.  Un-
easy writing the

new year on the
rent check.  Seal
Rock for breakfast

and Dark Angel
for dinner.  Til we
get into a senseless....

Blah thru midnight.
Symbolic of nothing.
Do you seem me in

the future?  Maybe
the cards can tell
me if you can’t.