Friday, May 11, 2012


Liquid Time

So nice to see him
after the Xmas
depression.  Feel-

Cliff House.  We
have joggers.
Muscle up.

Write them in-
to the computer.
Lists to rearrange;

they could go on.
Geese.  Two items.
Message Yahoo

without cellphone.
Firstly, afford a
car.  Afford a

kitchen.  Dinner
or a new printer?
A palace in

Milpitas.  It was
my idea.  Cross-
ing the San

Mateo Bridge.
The bridge I
came to San Fran-

cisco on. My neck
hurts.  The one I
dedicated to

Aunt Wilma
right after she
died.  Self-eval-

uation.  I bought
it.  And got cruised.
My primary goal.