Tuesday, June 05, 2012


You Can’t Noun Nouns

         I think she’s expressing too much cleavage.

Feeling bummed.  Oozing with importance.
Discussing major life changes.  Because
the fog is making it rain in the backyard.

I warned you about Facebook, right?  I
try to warn a lot but nobody listens.  But
this is where I live and I know.  I’ve tried

for months but it’s not working.  Plus I’m
the scuzz-ball from Arkansas who’s
over here leaning on Shakespeare,

way too hungry for this.  You need to
understand the product before you start
bitching about the product.  Be one with it.

Engage.  Click on the map in the port of
entry.  Update your portfolio.  There’s a
fantastic app for that.  Loading up on

red velvet cake before ripping the
checkbook cover in two.  Where does
one purchase a checkbook cover.  Locate

mess.  Make sure there’s a list.  Update
it daily with checkmarks.  Have a daily
list of checkmarks.  There are a few

wrinkles that need to be ironed out
but you’ve got something.  You’ve
done something.  You are something.