Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Do Not Share

The public is enough for a while.  Did time
all fated weekend.  Which was fun until he
taps me on the shoulder to come with him.
We’re going to his car so I can have some-
thing.  My request.  He asks if I want any
therapy and I say yes (nobody witnessed).
Bang on window.  Bang on lap.  Assume
calm.  Drive (an hour?  less?  more?).  A
story that pokes as it fools.  Then watches
while we are enlightened.  Much discussion
about my insistence.  I’m tired of new dev-
elopments and sleepiness. Get back home to
discuss no results from my side hurting and
being open to being slapped is after a while
(not the knuckle-headed assumption) sapped.