Tuesday, November 13, 2012


No Body for the Hottie

I can’t take care of your digestive needs.
Maybe that’s not my purpose for your life.
Cuz anyway I come from the fountain of

mouthing off.  It’s a new lunar year and it’s a
leap year and I dunno.  I messed up and ordered
the Joplin empanada or pupusa, but it was actually

very delicious.  I am a cloud that is reaching out &
grabbing as much as I can.  But you think it’s some
sort of road in the dessert (that cars can easily veer                          

off of; or maybe not a car but two motorcyclists....)
“Is there a problem?” I ask him.  His response is
“Can you believe it’s not butter?”  This tongue

(as in language?) is the entire story of my life.