Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Actually more like 3x more than anyone.  Except me.
So it really bums that you don’t like the ones I put up
of you—relating to you’re unlikely to acknowledge
and you’re proud + happy propensity.  Just sayin’.

On a happy note don’t forget Joey’s Visine.  I am
settled into my seat, I’m about to sleep, I’m in a
cafe catching up on eating.  Good morning from
El Paso.  I slept like a baby but have a little head

cold.  So everyone is okay?  Priceless.  I’m going
to switch off momentarily and start looking through
the pictures of the orchard (I have no idea how they
do that).  I hope your Monday isn’t bad.  Also the

vibrating blue pillow provided immense comfort
and security as I slept through Arizona and New
Mexico last night.  It’s gonna be an awesome trip. 
Travel safely.  I so am.  Great stuff.  Love you too.