Friday, December 14, 2012


we send the body an omission

I’m misreading Armantrout in
West Texas (poetic El Paso).
The vicinity of beyond (like
Toy Story’s “to infinity and
beyond”?); Barbie Dolls on
the train tracks like we used
to do in the 70s (oh, the
flailing millenium!) along
with copper pennies (or
were they ever copper?).
A copy of the horizon for
future reference (its many
dusty folds harbor endless
answers) begs for a punch
line or for anything to drink.
I am an anti-social angel,
don’t you think?  Or just a
rascal refusing to do what-
ever the rest of the gang is
doing.  From here I can see
Tiburon, Sausalito, The Gold-
en Gate Bridge, The Bay Bridge
and Treasure Island.