Friday, December 28, 2012


      Ass block
      Face cock

You can’t open your trash
because it’s being emptied

onto the freeway.  It’s being,
your mind, emptied like big

boobs full of igloos alongside
freeways in the Natural State.

Big-breasted Elke’s been build-
ing igloos of big boobs.  Empty

like trash in the happenstance
of a block of ass.   You can’t

open it, your mind, your natural
face, in such a state.  Such a state

of circumstances, explains Sally
to field the question (or deflect

its internal intention) as the colors
glow like welders in the medieval

marketplace.  Hash it out yourself
you prick of a tool! Quisby parries,

his frisbee mid-air, twelve o’clock.