Friday, January 25, 2013


I’m paying for it now.
The spreadsheet is
exceeding.  My wallet,
needless to say, is
torn.  Not with decision
(say melon or mauve?)
but at the seams and
all around the fancy
Japanese velcro.  Would
that it could fly to
Tokyo today just to
replace itself.  To get
another younger self.
It remembers exactly
where, as I do.  Not
quite off the beaten
path.  An establishment
which evokes (an almost
audible/subtle scream)
efficiency over luxury.
Welcomes you with such
a greeting.  And you
trust.  Even when your
fingers adventure into
product enough to tease
out a well-meant-to-
tag your fingers
smudge shock onto.  A
year later efficiency burns
to the ground.  It was
a mere 2-alarm fire.