Saturday, August 17, 2013


I feel sorry for anyone that has to die.
                                          —John Ashbery

I’m in the leather daddy section, drinking a
strawberry banana smoothie, trying not to be
too rational.  Fun.  I could come here every
Saturday.  But I feel distant.  Maybe I should

explore a lot more.  What’s up?  It’s a not-so-
hot weekend.  Standing in front of the Curran
Theater in the rain.  Then sleep (with parts of
strewn throughout).  Today is a such a

blue day.  I smack my head in the middle of
it.  The board meeting on Saturday; a getting
up on the wrong side of bed thing.  What else?
Nothing.  A few folks came over, got angry

because we were in the middle of a fight.
But Sunday came.  A happy morning
walking to downtown and back (which
is mostly like levitating, considering

our location).  Then I napped.  All
without any sense of malaise or edginess.