Thursday, August 22, 2013


It’s kind of like a dream.  I
certainly don’t understand
it.  (The neighbor's dog
who hardly ever makes
a noise is stirring up
quite a storm of ruffs
and barks, getting all
the other neighbor dogs
roused, and even
Coco seems un-

Transition.  Anything.

I find it easy to put on
a mask when writing.
To take on someone
else’s voice.  On
paper.  The only
way I can comfort-
ably role-play.  Be-
sides a stage.  That’s

not true, of course.

The notion of just
sitting, of being
aware, of meditating.
If it weren’t for my
spine, zazen would
be at the top of my
list.  My list.  Is in
transition.  I’ve been
in such a state lately
that I keep a file of
lists that I need to
scrutinize, to sit on.

To merge into one.