Friday, August 23, 2013


1988: the year I experienced
high school dating.  Or
having a girlfriend.  A
somewhat foreign but
fairly fortuitous experi-
ment that took me into
1989 and toward senior
prom.  But, by then, the
experience was pretty
much over, which led
to going to prom with
a ‘friend’.  Which was
not a date.  Once at the
party, we went our sep-
arate ways, and were
both totally fine with
that.  But omigod it’s
okay if I don’t write.
Isn’t it okay if I can’t
write about Doctor
Atomic?  About
Peter Sellars’
libretto after
2 glasses of
pinot grigio
with Claudia?
I’m not sure
how long I’ve
been trying to
make this record.
I don’t even think
I’m being paid for it.
What can I do?  It’s
a life.  It’s happening.