Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This Tactic Is Useless

“She doesn’t seem to have any flies”
(I’m misreading Medusa).  “But it’s
your time, now.” 

What about my time?

I hold up eight fingers and two
thumbs (opposable!) in defense.

“I have no interest in your thoughts
on any subject” (Alice Notley,
except she finishes with

“; though one sometimes
listens to pass the time.”)

Why do we keep these?
Mere tokens of meditation.
Like aspirin in the morning
(4 Advil at a time) and
how they accumulate.

“My bookshelf is my
morning,” Medusa’s
mouth moves as if to
say.  “My morning.”

All the goofballs in
San Francisco (all
the fogballs) rise
and meander