Saturday, August 31, 2013


Details emerge forever
                    —Lyn Hejinian

Keeping it fresh.  I got a gmail
account.  I’m trying to use it.
It’s nice out.  I think I’ll go out
and read.

Halloween:  It’s a beautiful day
to be in love with a Grammy-
nominated rock star.  Otto
wants to play dress-up

Eight years ago I used as
inspiration the titles of a
set of Gamma Go post-
cards.  And then I went
to get coffee.

On Saturday night (isn’t
it always on Saturday
night?)...on Saturday
night after Grubsteak
a monumental reading
by Landis Everson
who is so very

Maybe it isn’t
me who’s in
love with a
pop star (rock star?).

Then some wonderful
stories by someone
who died at age 31.

Today is Dragon Friday
(so I suppose that it’s
not always Saturday
night).  Daylight
Savings Time
ended over the
weekend and
the afternoon
is likely to
go on forever.