Wednesday, September 25, 2013


                                Otherwise we’d only have
looking forward to look forward to.
                                             —John Ashbery

In 2014, I’m in a really nice, mellow mood
watching the dogwalkers on Russian Hill
and reflecting on my doctor’s meeting,
his comment – But you seem to be man-
aging it so well – and realizing, with
some joy, that he could have been
referring to anything.

I walk in the rain with Otto this morning,
his big umbrella that used to be mine, but
today we share it – over both of us.

How long have I lived in this singular spot?  Be-
sides home, in Hometown, which was
sixteen odd years.  Curran and I live
on O’Farrell Street, across from the
Kaiser Hospital emergency room entrance;
and this for nearly two whole years. 
So that must be the new record.