Monday, November 18, 2013


I’m reading while rolling my eyes,
thinking please, please, I’m not one of
THESE people, am I?  So I put the book
down.  Believing in evolution, I chant
inwardly (silently, or more as an echo
in my skull), I am going to remember
this place. 

And then I wake up, wholly invigorated.
I clean the apartment a little, listening
to my new ‘mellow’ playlist.  Then I
walk down to Sutter and Stockton,
but instead of coffee I order a
SuperGrass, or whatever it’s
called.  Being very healthy,
or imagining such.

Then further down the hill
I realize that I’m not wearing
my running shoes.  I’m going
anyway, I think, trekking
my way to the YMCA.  A
morning steam is good there.
They’d just opened, so it was
quiet, and I could sit there
longer than usual.

Then we meet up at the Ferry
Building where I look at cute
books and adorable tea sets
and you check out the
little birds (not real
birds) who magically
react with a chirp
whenever they ‘hear’
a noise.

Then we go outside (be
cause you want to), look
out at the bay, Treasure
Island, and a seal.  To
wind down the morning
you suggest we go to
our place – the little
park that is Levi’s Plaza 
burbling waterfalls there.