Friday, December 20, 2013


Physical Therapy

Who’s that riding a pink elephant
in the middle of the living room?
A combination of not wanting to
be the dictator, feeling at fault,
feeling ashamed, feeling upset,
losing respect, immense feelings
of physical pain, etc., like the way
I withdrew from everyone during
the ordeal at the beginning of the

It’s peaceful here with the buzz of
everything that’s on.  Like me
walking out the door.  Even
moreso now that I unplugged
all of the appliances (this
includes things like the
internet).  I sit like this
for hours waiting for the
yoga instructor to arrive.

I’ve purchased an airline ticket
for my mother to come visit
while she turns sixty-three.
I pick up groceries to fry
salmon patties and serve
alongside rice and beans
for dinner.

Alli sent me a note saying
that she was sorry to have
missed Friday.  So I sent her
all of the poems I read.
Tomorrow, after work, I’m
going to see Firecracker,
starring the one and only
Karen Black.