Monday, December 09, 2013


Those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it.
                                                      —John Ashbery

There are plenty of cars that whip by,
one by one, to keep things from being
too peaceful.  Breakfast on the patio
overlooking the creek.  Creaking
pipes next to our bed whenever
anyone in our apartment build-
ing showers or flushes a toilet.

Friday night sounded so boring pre-
actuality.  However, it turned out to
be quite the spectacle.  Tweedledum
is smart and charismatic.  But Tweedle-
dee really turned me on.  Of the two.  I
can’t imagine what I’ll see if I really
wake up.

Otto is a yard away, dozing in the
sun.  I’m in the shade.  Barking
dogs.  I’m in the shade of this
beautiful elm comforted by the
occasional passing motorcycle
and a bunch of noisy dogs
who zig-zag back and forth
between me and the creek,
trampling and crumbling
the autumn leaves.

Are you a big person in the morning?
                                                      —John Ashbery