Saturday, December 14, 2013


I was myself, mostly.  Probably
still am.  I think it all comes down
to me thinking too much.  Lousy
by myself.  So I work on it,
showing up with turkey
leftovers and staying the
whole weekend.

What got accomplished
was argued for and against
all day and well into the night.
Adventure Time was on in the
background for most of this
time.  They all must think
that I am dead inside.

Is it true?  Unfortunately,
this is not what I needed
in life.  Questioning every-
thing over the shrill scream
of Spanish being spewed
downstairs by...she needs
a nickname.  Nothing end-

earing, surely.  More like
a headache.  I go shopping
but I don’t buy anything.
I play games on my phone
instead.  So I suppose I
wasn’t really shopping
after all.