Monday, January 06, 2014


The Air Is A Fish

       Grew up a screw-up
       But bucked up a fuck-up
                         —Evan Kennedy

My nasals are clogged, but when my favorite crush
posts “Welcome to Paradise!” I feel a tingle of hope.
“Desperation is like that!” – I can almost hear your
smart-ass response with the drone of the bingo
announcements in the background (“B8!” ... “G50”
... “I19”).  The lady with a voice that really pesters
(It’s almost a screech.  Our thoughts move down
to the Latin section, first floor ... ) as the clock
chimes the half hour.  Reminder:  put decon-
gestant on the list.  Has it come to this:
Reminders of reminders?  At Target
we almost purchase a card game
in which players read ‘gibberish’
written on cards and have their
opponents make guesses
based on what they
thought was said.
But the ‘gibberish,’
it turns out, is written
to sound like a specific
identifiable phrase in
English.  [should insert
an example here] 
What’s the fun
in that?