Wednesday, January 08, 2014


On Being Mistaken for a Nihilist

Please remember that I will most assuredly
be dead by the time you receive this memo-
randum.  Do not hang up, as you will find
explicit instructions on how to access my
memory databanks at the end of this
message.  After sleeping on all of this
once or twice you will find that
history does not lie.

[“Can somebody tell me how to turn this
f*!king camera off?!”]

I have a new ‘productivity’ app that’s
called Wunderlist – not sure about its
name, but perhaps the allusion is to
wanderlust, as in to keep me focused
on my list and not on...wanderlust?
That’s the best I can do with that.

[“Can it really actually be the
middle of the month already?”]