Monday, January 13, 2014


It must be noon on Tuesday.

It was Brokeback Mountain on Sunday
followed by King Kong with a big light-
ning storm.  It was quite a sight.  Later,
as we sat down to update the expense
report, we tried holiday strategizing.
Or was it stargazing?  Whatever the
case, what a plot!  I am not coming up
with much of anything because it
turns out that neither of is a pilot. 
But saving up for mom’s visit
and also for the east coast and
Cologne.  “Have you downloaded
enough?” I ask myself.  There’s no
reply.  Later, I got coaxed into
working out weekly (Wednesday
evenings) this next year, which will
not be The Year of Decadence. 
Out of courtesy, I’ve waxed my
self into corking the subject.
Later, I try to convince
myself that vanilla
latté works better
than bloody
mary.  No