Thursday, January 09, 2014



     Two hookers and a box of chicken
                         —someone’s ‘ultimate fantasy’ (overheard)

I am trying on this new lack of denial
and it hurts really bad (I think I got
the wrong size, hah hah [rollz eyes]).

I think Jeffree Star’s new song, Love
to My Cobain is perfect pop, but I
think he missed an opportunity

with the second line of his chorus.
I’ve been singing it all day like it
really should be:  You are the Love

to my Cobain ain ain ain ain ain;
the Kurt to my Blaine aine aine
aine aine aine.  Which leads me

to ask:  “Honestly, how deep into
my own thoughts do you really
want me to go?”  But come on,

where else would I go, really? 
[slight pause]  The character
that you’ve been developing

is itching like mad to argue
with the character that I’ve
been developing.  So now

that we’ve accomplished
what we set out to do
all those years ago

can we just go
home now?