Monday, January 20, 2014


Does Anybody Know a Good Psychiatrist?

I have so much to do and yet I
squander the day.  Which is still
a little bit more fun that pilfering
it.  But anyway, you know me,

I have to read the entire book.
Aloud!  But it is so very cloying.
Enough about me.  Let’s speak

Tonight I have three parties to
attend, along with getting the
silverware drawer repaired
and the heater removed (I

do live in San Francisco,
but on the third floor).
As if that explains every-
thing.  To which: no response.

So I was so exhausted after
meeting up with a no-show
that I went home and wilted
in bed into dreams that I was

rolling over and over a bed of
red tulips in celebration of
something.  Then, for the
first time in weeks, I pass out

next to someone who is
“worried” about his “projects” –
he wants a winter break so I
toss & turn all over him.  Well.

Now I have a tummyache.
I hope that all three of the
parties have been great
fun and very worthwhile.