Friday, January 31, 2014


Sci fi
Sexual innuendo

          I am a neuro-sexual.  Don’t ask me again.
                                                         —Janelle Monae

Okay, so let’s say you’ve been working on this ‘project’
for over a decade now and you’re a stickler for consistency.
First of all (answer quickly!), how many times have you
sat down & read everything all at once just to figure out
what it is.  What it isn’t any more.  And if the whole thing
is as embattled with inconsistency as you think you are.  It
is.  Was.  Is.* 

I was at a reading a couple of nights ago for a book whose
author had the luxury of editing the entire book some
thirty years after its original inception.  Or let’s just say
that’s the case, anyway.  He’s apparently had this opportunity
on more than one occasion.  And on this occasion there were
quite a number of revisions (especially, he noted, compared
with the edits he made on early publications that were reprinted
after many years). Well.  Having no idea how much this
particular section was revised from the original 80’s version,
I can attest that the short story Bob read was nothing
short of sublime. 

*Me, I never have.